Creative workshop of digital fabrication.
Design and 3d printing Made in Italy.




Wellcome to our laboratory!
We create products with a very original design. They are the result of our creativity and our love for sport and design.
The products are mostly made in 3D printing and then manually finished and assembled .
We use almost exclusively biodegradable materials to minimize the environmental impact.


Your identity first of all!
A series of 3D printed, hand finished, collectable statuettes!
Elegant, balanced and with attention to details, they faithfully reproduce your favorite athletic gesture.

A unique product line, designed for those who love sports. Inspired by Calisthenics, Yoga, Weightlifting and other sports.

It is scientifically proven that its presence improves motivation and speeds up progress! ;-)
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"Cementine" lamps

In designing this line of lamps we were inspired by the beautiful cement tiles that were once used in grandmothers' homes. The lamp gives a soft and very pleasant light.
It is made up of different parts made by 3D printing and is assembled entirely by hand
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Love Light

The perfect gift for weddings, births, baptisms and unforgettable events.
If you think they are backlit photos, you are wrong!
They are very special lamps, which take advantage of the different thickness of plastic to reproduce the various levels of gray transparently.
When turned off they seem to be bas-reliefs, but when turned on the effect is absolutely surprising!

You can choose between the various subjects we have created or ask for a personalized version with the photo you like best!
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Face mask

Washable respirator with replaceable filters, adjustable and comfortable.
3d printed.
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Our services

3d Printing

Do you need to print an object in 3d?
Contact us for a quote!
We can print with several types of material.


Don't you know how to give shape to your ideas?
We can help you make it.
Drop us an email, we will be happy to discuss about.


A good packaging protects your products during transport and helps to give them a professional look.
We can make XPS (extruded polystyrene) and EPS (expanded polystyrene) packaging tailored to your items.

About us

MAKERFEVER is a creative workshop of craftsmanship and technology. It originates from an uncontrollable desire to give shape to ideas of all kinds, from design to robotics, mixing technology and manual skills.
We are based in Bologna and all our products are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

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