Fresh and comfortable respirator Made in Italy. Washable, with replaceable filters. 3d printed.

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Suitable for many situations: sport, shopping, work, travel, and more.
Choose the most suitable filter for the situation in order to obtain the right compromise between filtering and comfort.


Unlike the classic disposable masks, the exhaled hot air does not expand all over the face and this reduces the sensation of heat.


Washable with warm water and soap. Wash your mask as often as you want with water up to 45-50 °C. The soft part can be washed occasionally at 60°C.


Made with inert materials that resist mold and bacteria. It is sanitizable with any disinfectant solution specific for masks.


Change just the filter and reuse your mask forever! In this way you will help the environment!


You can wear your glasses over the mask which, adhering to the nose, will not give the annoying fogging effect.


Original design that stands out from all the other masks on the market. Choose the color that best suits your look.


The Mask is soft and it adapts to the shape of the face. You can find many 3d printed masks on web, but you will hardly find masks as comfortable as this one. The elastic is adjustable and covered with fabric.


To ensure the right seal of the mask on your face, choose the size that better suits you. The table shown in the picture will help you choosing.
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We wanted to create a reusable, comfortable mask that well adhering to the face and that was compatible with various filters. We did it and we also gave it a look that stands out from all the masks that you will find on the market.

How is it made?

The mask consists of three parts, all made in our laboratory by 3d printing. The part in contact with the face is made of soft TPU. It is an inert and hypoallergenic material. Resistant to mold, bacteria and many chemical agents, it can be washed at temperatures up to 60 ° C. The external grill and the internal filter support are made of PETG. This material is also inert, resistant to mold, bacteria and chemicals and can be washed at temperatures up to 45-50 ° C. Higher temperatures could deteriorate its mechanical characteristics. The elastic is soft and covered with fabric. Its length is adjustable to ensure greater comfort.

Description of how the mask is done

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Recommendations for use

Place the mask on the face and adjust the tension of the elastic so that it pushes on the face the least possible but at the same time adheres well. If you have a long beard the adherence of the mask to the face cannot be optimal. We recommend that you initially use the mask for short periods of time, to gradually increasing your continuous use time. Over time the mask will take on the shape of your face, becoming more comfortable and you can wear it for longer times. We advise you from time to time to remove the mask to allow the skin of your face to air. Remove the filter and wash the mask with warm soapy water after each use. We advise you not to use particularly perfumed soaps or products that can leave very strong smells on the mask.
Replace the filter after 8/10 hours of use or more frequently if you have used it in particularly dusty environments or if you feel the need.


The mask is extremely versatile! As for the filters you have two possibilities.

1 - You can independently create your filters by cutting out non-woven squares of size 9x9cm and use them in several layers. We recommend that you use only suitable materials being particularly careful to avoid filters containing glass fibers.

2 - You can use the filters we provide with the mask. Currently we can provide you with two types of filters.


Filters made of non-woven fabric, to be used in double layer. We recommend this type of filter outdoors, in parks, for sports and in all situations where you need particularly comfortable breathing.


The filters are obtained from MERV-14 class air purification filters according to the ASHRAE 52.2 standard. They are entirely made of polypropylene and free of fiberglass. We recommend these filters in closed and crowded environments, in dusty environments and in all those situations where a higher filtering is needed.

Merv-14-filter Source


To ensure the right seal of the mask on your face, choose the size that better suits you. The table shown in the picture will help you choosing.



The mask is not certified. The design took place very carefully, but it is not Medical-Grade neither a Personal Protection Equipment.
The product cannot be used when the use of Medical-Grade Devices or Personal Protective Equipment is prescribed. It can be used, only as example, when the coverage of the nose and mouth is deemed useful for environmental hygiene purposes and for community use.
The materials used are non-toxic and hypoallergenic inert materials, however if you are subject to allergies and intolerances we recommend that you use the mask initially for short periods and suspend its use in case of skin irritation.
Partially handmade product. Small defects and imperfections are to be considered normal.


Can I use filters other than those supplied with the mask?

Yes! The mask is compatible with multi-layer fabric and non-woven filters, 9x9cm in size. You can make your filters yourself but we recommend you to use only suitable materials being particularly careful to avoid filters containing glass fibers.

Can I use a surgical mask as a filter?

Of course! Cut a 9cm square from your surgical mask and use it as a filter.

For how many consecutive hours can I use it?

The mask is designed for continuous use of a few hours. However, the perception of comfort and consequently also the time of use are very subjective and also depend on the environmental conditions.

Is it suitable for cycling?

Absolutely yes! It is excellent for cycling. It remains firm on the face and allows good ventilation.

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